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Can I use two microphones on one receiver at the same time?

Q: Can I use two microphones on one receiver at the same time?

A: No, this will not work.

When setting up wireless microphone systems, both the microphone and the receiver must be on the same frequency in order to interact with each other (ie: one microphone to one receiver).

If two microphones are used on the same frequency at the same time then they will interfere with each other because the receiver cannot distinguish between different signals and cannot separate them out into separate signals.

In a situation like this neither signal will come through correctly.

There are wireless receivers that are Dual units, or Quad units. These devices have the electronics for multiple receivers contained inside of a single enclosure. (Such as the TONOR TW-820 and TW-820 Plus)

Therefore, the receiver of TW-820 can only be connected to 2 microphones, and the receiver of TW-820 Plus can only be connected to 4 microphones, and no more microphones can be connected.

If you use multiple sets of TW-820 or TW-820 Plus receivers, because the frequency band of each microphone is different, it can be used normally without interfering with each other.

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