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Microphone Knowledge

31. Mai 2020

How to Use a Lavalier Microphone to Record Audio

Lavalier Microphone, also known as lav mic or lapel mic, is a small clip-on microphone that can be attached to a tie ...

8. Mai 2020

Condenser Microphones vs. Dynamic Microphones

When you're shopping for microphones, you'll encounter a wide variety of microphone types. Today we are going to intr...

29. Apr 2020

Microphone Technique Basics for Musical Instruments

The microphone technique has a powerful effect on the sound of instrument recordings.Today, we are going to introduce...

12. Apr 2020

Choosing a Microphone for Your Podcasting

Do you want to sound like what you hear on the radio or other podcasts produced by major broadcast outlets when you’r...

19. Sep 2018

5 Tips for the Most Common Problems in Vocal Recording

Here are some useful tips and techniques used by professionals to get amazing results from vocal recording sessions. ...

19. Sep 2018

How to Understand Microphone Specifications

When you purchase a microphone, you may be confused by all the microphone specifications listed on the package or the...

21. Feb 2017

How to Handle a Microphone Like a Pro

Microphones are efficaciously the most prevalent instrument for singing or speaking on stage. The proper handling of ...

30. Okt 2016

Six Tips for Better Voiceover Recording

In the digital age, there are many ways to get your voice out there as a voiceover performer. Different avenues inclu...

17. Okt 2016

4 Reasons Why Mic Placement Matters

Microphone placement is critically important to acoustic quality during live performances and recordings.  Microphone...

4. Sep 2016

5 Advantages of Using Wired Microphones

When you're shopping for a microphone for live performance, you'll encounter two different types of microphone, wired...
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