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Professional recording devices are an accessory that improves your audio project and performances. Primary sound output devices are expensive in the market, and because of the staggering price value, accessories like microphones, mixers, synthesizers and equalizers are labeled at the same margin, and that makes it expensive to own these essential accessories. 

Technology is evolving at an uncontrollable pace and with the boom of social media, we now live in an era of performers and home-grown artists that have multiplied more than 10 times compared to the 90's. This increase in talent and demand for creative art has pushed the audio industry to a point where there are very few brands out there that customers can rely on for a quality product.

TONOR provides the best solution for upcoming artists, creative stars that are waiting to come out, waiting to be noticed. TONOR allows you to own high-quality professional audio recording devices without pinching your wallet. We have created a perfect balance by designing products that provide you with superior sound quality. 

We have a passion for sound quality without compromise that we share with our users. This is built upon generations of hands‑on professional knowledge — all geared towards producing a portfolio of best‑in‑class microphones and audio devices that combine performance, reliability and value. Most importantly, our customers trust us to deliver on our deep understanding of what makes good sound. That's the challenge that drives us forward as leaders in the industry we helped create.

TONOR provides an effective solution to budding artists and sound enthusiasts with a range of products that are essential to get started on your sound career. We want you to focus on getting your sound and music heard to the world. We understand how expensive audio gear is and that should not be a step-back for you to move ahead. Our range of products are great in performance, competitive in price and outstanding in quality. Backed with an irresistible 30 day free trial period, TONOR is the perfect blend of creating a sound masterpiece. 

TONOR is the first choice of every aspiring content creator, sound recorder and podcaster - TONOR is your stepping stone to success.

And by providing affordable but durable audio equipment we encourage beginners and sound lovers to chase their dreams of sound magic.


Founder Story - The Whale

Brand founder, Kevin Richards is a singer-musician with an active interest in sound recording on a frequent basis. When Kevin started TONOR, he knew that this was the perfect solution for artists and aspiring content creators that need a stepping ladder to reach their goals. 

Being an avid performer himself, Kevin understood the shortcomings every creator faces - i.e, reliable equipment without a heavy investment. This is a dilemma to most audio brands as they believe that good equipment will always come with a hefty price tag as creators are able to afford them. This is why today there is a rise in underground musicians, artists and superstars that are struggling to come out of the water. Kevin hopes to change this and let creative talent be in the forefront without stressing on choosing where to buy from. 

What does the Whale represent?

The Whale represents a symbol of Power. 

King of the Ocean

TONOR aspires to be the leading microphone brand in the world, to be the king of the ocean. This dream can only be achieved by providing the best microphones at the best value.

Whale whistles can be heard miles away

With TONOR, we want you to be heard all over the world. We want our products to reach millions of users all over the world. We want to be your first and only recording solution. We build products that become a part of your career and growth, and with that, you are always heard no matter where you are. 

Mighty whales live long and strong

TONOR believes in producing strong and durable microphones that are built to last for years to come. We do not only focus on great sound, but also on tough and outstanding build quality.


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