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Q: How to set TW-820 wireless microphone

A: Before starting to use the microphone, please check whether the product accessories are complete.

Install 2*AA batteries before using the wireless microphone and installing instruction is as follows:
1.Take down the tail tube of mic.
2.Install the batteries and tighten tail tube of mic.
Note: The positive and negative polarity of battery cannot be reversed.
3.Press buttun for 2s to turn it ON/OFF.
4.Press the HI-LO button, then fhe frequency on the screen will changed.
Before using the device, take out the wireless receiver from the package, and connect the following cables:
Firstly, use the 6.35 audio cable to connect the receiver's MIX port and other audio devices (speaker, amplifier, mixer, etc).
Secondly, erect the antenna, and connect the power cable.
Thirdly, check if microphone is connected to the receiver successfully after turning on the device.
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