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5 Advantages of Using Wired Microphones

When you're shopping for a microphone for live performance, you'll encounter two different types of microphone, wired and wireless. We all know wireless microphone provides a high level of convenience and flexibility, and it certainly can keep a stage looking clean. However, if you don’t need the mobility on stage, a wired microphone can be the way to go. To help you select the best microphone for your application, we are going to exam the five advantages of wired microphone.


Better Sound Quality

With wired microphone, what you put into it is what you get out of it. A high quality mic capsule well matched to voice or instrument is the best possible way to get quality sound. With wireless microphone, you are often limited in the selection of mic capsules, limiting your ability to try different microphones to find the best match. Many wireless microphones use companding to compress dynamic range into a small frequency allocation. There can be a noticeable difference between vocals and instruments on a wireless microphone versus a wired microphone.

Easy operation

Wired microphone is easy to use, just plug and play. Also, wired microphone has faster setup time at sound checks whereas wireless systems require some time to make sure all the receivers are set to a different channel, and to make sure there is no interference from local TV and radio stations, or other wireless systems in the venue.  Wired microphone’s troubleshooting is straightforward because there are fewer things that can go wrong. It can be addressed immediately with a new XLR cable or a review of the signal path.


Wireless microphone has a higher rate of failure than wired microphone. In the world of production, where so much can go wrong, wireless introduces one more finicky area of possible failure. Wireless interference, intermodulation distortion and drop-outs happen for a variety of reasons and can kill a moment when you least expect it. As long as your cable is of decent quality, a wired microphone just won't have these issues.

No Battery Required

Wired microphone will never run low on battery, so there is no need to worry that your performance will be brought to an abrupt end. As a wired microphone is plugged directly into recording equipment or speaker, it takes power straight from this source, which is known as 'phantom' power. With wireless microphone, the batteries may require constant recharging if used on a constant basis.

Cost Less

Wired microphone simply cost less. Average wired microphones often amount to 1/3 the cost of the wireless microphone if you compare apples to apples.


Generally speaking, wired microphones sound better, are easy to use, more reliable, don't require batteries and are significantly more cost-effective up front. If you don’t need to move around on stage, wired microphone may be a better choice for you.

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